Frequently Asked Questions

Select one of the above topics to find out answer the most common questions people ask. These questions answered here cover a wide range of topics, however if you are interested in getting further information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.


You can send your artwork by email or send us a link to download your artwork. You can use as well a Dropbox or Webtransfer service.

We accept many graphic file formats, however we prefer high resolution print ready JPG, EPS, AI, PSD as well as PDF files.

Yes, we provide free artwork check. We check some essential artwork parameters and the common errors as well.

Estimated delivery time is within 6 working days. Orders placed on weekends or bank holidays will be processed the next working day. We don't provide delivery on the weekends. Please note the time of delivery depends on the quantiny and delivery location as well.

We recommend safe and fast payment with PayPal, however we accept BACS payment as well. Please be aware that we won't begin a work on your order until we have received the payment.


You need a domain (unique name of your website) and hosting facilities (server where will be uploaded website). We provide hosting service and domain name registration. Moreover, we offer business email account for you.

A domain name is the unique name - address of your own website (i.e. www.your_domain_name.co.uk). This is what the visitors type into browser to get directly to your website. The cost of domain depends on the name (domain with .co.uk is from £7 per year, and .com is from £7 per year).

Yes, we can register a domain name for your business website, moreover you will be in full control of it. Domain registration process is free with our hosting service.

Hosting is a service includes a host computer (server) that stores your website and makes it accessible to the internet.

Yes, we offer free high performance hosting service for a year with our website design packages as standard. After a year we provide hosting at competitive price (£50 per year). However, if you would prefer to use your own hosting, just let us know.

All of websites are unique and the time of designing depends on the amount of pages and many other factors. It colud be a week, as well as a month. If it is standard website and we have agreed the details of the layout and have received all content, then usually it takes 1 - 2 weeks.

The cost of a website depends on many factors. There are many different types of websites available and you can find our competitive prices on the website. However, the prices are flexible and could be different if you require more pages or extra functions. Moreover, you should to consider a domain and hosting prices. We offer free high performance hosting service for a year. The standard hosting price is £50 per year. Send us your requirements on an email and then we will give you reasonable and competitive price. We offer free website price valuation.

Yes, we can do it for you. We are able to update content, redesign your existing website or give you new graphic design. We offer extra website udating service, support and even more for our clients and the website owners who moved their websites to our hosting service. The best option is to contact us and we will offer the suitable solution for your website.

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We create unique website design and send you to review and approve. You can see the look of your website. We will discuss this with you and if you do not like it, we will make any changes and will send a revision for your approval. Once the website design has been accepted we will begin website building process.

Our web services are flexible and we know how important is the email address for a business. Therefore, we provide personalized email account with your domain name. For example: your_name@your_domain.co.uk, info@your_domain.co.uk, sale@your_domain.co.uk etc.

Every business has own goals and all of our customers are unique and have different requirements. Therefore we would need the basic information about your business (name, logo, products, services etc.) and your expectations. Moreover, you can send us your colour preferences or if you are impressed by any website, please send us the web address that we will use as inspiration. Then, the most important thing we would need is the content (text, images) of your website.

In general, the most of our projects are carried out via email and Internet. This reduces our costs and allows us to offer cheaper and faster services. However, we can arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements at time and place is convenient to you.

You will own your website once the website design has been completed and purchased. We can send you a copy of your website files on email or on CD.

The site is yours and you can move it anywhere. You are not tied in to us in any way and you can cancel your hosting service at any time, but storage purchases are non-refundable.