Orders & Payments

Orders & Payments

How to make an order

You can make order by email
- select your product and send us a brief email with: product details (name, size, quantity, etc.), your name, delivery address, phone number, your unique name of order. You can attach an artwork as well. Files larger than 8MB should be send directly on our server. More info on Artwork Guidelines.

You can make order by phone
- call us on 07468531850 during normal working hours. You will be asked about product details (name, size, quantity, etc.), your name, delivery address, phone number and your unique name of order. Next, send us your artwork or we will design it for you.

Once your order has been done, you should make a payment. We recommend to make a payment immediately after completing your order as delaying this may cause a delay in the turnaround time.


We recommend fast and easy PayPal payment. However, If you don’t have PayPal account, you can make BACS payment we accept as well.

PayPal Payment

  • In order to make a PayPal payment click on the PayPal button. You will be redirected onto PayPal website.
  • In the 'Description’ field type what you are paying for (e.g. business cards, banner) and your unique order name.
  • In the field 'Price per unit’ enter the amount you need to pay according to price. - Confirm the payment and paymanet confirmation will be sent to your email address.

Plase note, all online payment are made via a secure PayPal service. No information is stored on our website or server. Further information about secure PayPal payment is available on the PayPal website.

BACS Payment

Lloyds Bank Accont
Sort Code: 30-92-99
Account Number: 39191960

Please type your order name in the 'Description’ field of the BACS payment.